CIRCLe Labs are designed to excite everyone about STEM—to break down assumptions about the kinds of employees local STEM companies are looking for, and offer needed support as students explore STEM studies and careers. Targeted to low-income East Bay neighborhoods, local STEM professionals present beyond the school day to complement classroom learning with informal, real-life connections. Students will see first-hand that STEM professionals today are a diverse population in every way; that those with as little as a community college certificate are doing interesting, important, well paid work in an array of fields; that innovation companies are searching for local employees to help them they fuel our economy and change the way we live.
Our Audience

The East Bay is rich with STEM education resources. Too often they do not reach into low-income neighborhoods. CIRCLe Labs existing community spaces—schools, YMCA’s—that are unused after school and on Saturdays into learning spaces for students, families, and teachers.
Our Collaboration

CIRCLe Labs bring educators and local STEM professionals into neighborhoods to offer hands-on STEM demonstrations, professional development for teachers, informal career exploration, and other STEM learning opportunities. Conversations will be sparked. Ideas will be shared. Many things can happen!
Our Goal

• To excite students about the array of STEM jobs open to them.

• To show that STEM professionals in the East Bay are a diverse population in every way, and that just a community college certificate can lead to important, well-paid work that is fueling our economy and changing the way we live.

• To support underrepresented students as they pursue STEM studies.

Servicing four Bay Area communities

Anna Yates Elementary School -
Emeryville Center for Community Life

4727 San Pablo Ave.


East Oakland

East Oakland YMCA

5908 Foothill Blvd.



Rosa Parks Elementary School

920 Allston Way



Cal State East Bay, Concord Campus

4700 Ygnacio Valley Road


Volunteer Presenters are Needed in the Following Programs
  1. Meet A Scientist
    Meet A Scientist
  2. YMCA Crew Coaches
    YMCA Crew Coaches
  3. Early Math Learning
    Early Math Learning
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